Benefits of the filler mixing machine

Experience has taught us that approximately 30 minutes before a break or the end of the workday people stop mixing filler. By using the filler mixing machine you just press a button and the machine immediately delivers perfectly mixed filler. This allows your staff to be productive throughout the entire workday.

Reduced sick leave
Manually mixing the filler demands significant physical exertion and increases the risk of sick leave. Wrists, elbows, shoulders and backs suffer greatly in the manual mixing process. The use of the filler mixing machine will eliminate joint and back problems all together. Research at marinas and paint companies that use the filler mixing machine has proven that there are no longer any physical complaints from mixing filler.

Mixing ratio
Whether you require a small or large amount of filler, the proportion is always perfect. The hydraulic engines and especially designed pumps guarantee a 50/50 ratio. Tests have proven that the filler mixing machine works more efficiently and accurately than manual mixing.

Loss of production and filler quality
Manually mixing filler requires larger amounts and results in the preparation of complete sets. Prepared filler that is used immediately is still pliable but after a certain amount of time the filler hardens and often ends up being discarded. The machine makes it possible to mix small amounts of filler. This way you always have perfect smooth filler. As you can imagine, this will significantly reduce the loss of filler.

The filler mixing machine is a maintenance friendly product. Only the movable parts require periodic maintenance. Of course this will depend on how intensively you use the filling mixer machine and which products you mix. After usage (for example, at the end of the workday) you simply air clean the mixing tap and pipe and rinse these with a thinner. The removal of filler leftovers is necessary to prevent interruption of the mixing procedure. If the mixing pipe no longer works effectively it can be replaced with a new mixing pipe.

Excellent service
Nothing is impossible so you may encounter a failure in the filler mixing machine. Within Europe we aim to arrive on location with 24 hours to resolve the problem (depending on flight availability). Outside of Europe we try to be on location as soon as possible. Of course this will also depend on flight availability and travel time.

Supporting suppliers
Practically all renowned paint/filler manufactures supply components for preparing the filler in the appropriate tubs to be used with the filler mixing machine. This allows you to use the filler mixing machine in all your projects. Suppliers: Alexseal Yacht Coatings, Awlgrip, Boero, International yachtpaint, Jotun and many others.

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